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Manufacturers of top quality capacitors since 1919, Leclanché Capacitors has satisfied customers all over the world. We manufacture specific capacitors that fit specific needs and budgets. With a team of developers at your disposal, we can design in days and then manufacture within just a few weeks exactly the capacitors that you need.

For Critical Applications and Extreme Environments

We began manufacturing capacitors in the Spring of 1919. Over the last 90+ years, the company has forged a solid reputation as a quality capacitor manufacturer, delivering all over the world , to companies where quality is not an option but rather a requirement. Leclanché is an approved and preferred supplier for railway companies in. Half of our production is for standard catalog items. The other half is for custom power and high-voltage capacitors.

Leclanché Capacitors manufactures using the following dielectrics:
• Polypropylene
• Polyester
• Polycarbonate
• Polystyrene

For the following types of applications :
• Power
• High-Voltage/High-Frequency
• Precision
• Electrolytic
• Impregnated

And for the following industries :
• Power Electronics (inverters, converters, etc)
• Railway (including subways, light-rail, etc)
• Aviation, aerospace
• Telecommunications
• Industrial and medical lasers
• Energy storage and distribution
• High precision instrumentation (i.e. seismology equipment)
• Industrial heating and air-conditioning systems
• Induction heating
• Soldering and welding equipment

We not only manufacture capacitors, but we design and build to your specifications. Your technical requests are most welcome at

Capable of manufacturing in 5-6 weeks, even for small production runs and custom products, Leclanché Capacitors is a rock-solid reference for capacitor manufacturing in Europe.